Are you looking for online poker best sites? Then, you are in luck. Whether you want to play a game of online poker with friends or to participate in a tournament, you need to know how to make a selection between thousands of online poker sites. This is why we are here to help you out.

We’ll delve into details on how to select the best sites for online poker. In particular, we’ll see which factors new players should take into account, and what those with more experience should be on the lookout for.

Additionally, we’ll tell you more about all the criteria you should take into consideration when you are choosing online poker rooms and websites in general. Also, it’s imperative to look into whether these sites are licensed and regulated.

If you want to learn about all this and lots make, make sure to read up.

How to Find Online Poker Best Sites

Online poker enjoys incredible popularity which seems to be on the rise continually. This shouldn’t be surprising. There are many advantages to playing online instead of having to go to land-based establishments. The games are much faster, stakes can start lower, and you can practically play anywhere on your mobile phone as long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Another advantage is that there are many poker websites that you can choose from instead of having to tie yourself to one particular brick and mortar casino or poker room. However, such an abundance of options can be intimidating for some players, especially those who are just starting out.

This is why the mission of finding online poker best sites can be somewhat challenging. Even if you have selected the poker variant you want to try, how can you know what the difference between all the alternatives is? Also, what should you pay attention to? Should you join poker sites offering big signup bonuses, or those offering a variety of games? What about their reputation?

Fortunately, selecting online poker best sites is not that difficult. There are quite a few of them that offer fantastic options. Some are excellent for new players who are setting out in the world of online poker, and others are ideal for high rollers. Here’s what both these groups should look into.

Top Poker Sites for Newbies

First, we’ll explain what we mean by sites for newbies as this term can be a little misleading. You are a newbie if you have never played online poker before or your experience is very limited. One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to always go for online poker sites that offer solid welcome offers for new players.

You need to look into all the terms and conditions attached to these promotions. To redeem the welcome bonus, you need to meet all the T&Cs so you should be familiar with them. Also, you should see how the brand fares in the existing customers promo department. After all, you can redeem the welcome offer only once. After that, you are only eligible for offers for existing customers.

Another thing you should consider is the availability of low stakes games. You can find online poker rooms with buy-ins as low as £0.01 or £0.02. They are a good option for new players, as you don’t want to start large.

Top Poker Sites for Pros

When it comes to online poker best sites for pros, we’ll also start by defining what we mean by a “pro” poker player. As opposed to newbies that have no to little experience, pros are players who have quite a few hands under their belt and are not intimidated by larger buy-ins.

Such players usually go for poker sites covering a variety of available poker games and have high traffic. Players who already hold an account with an online poker operator appreciate cash-back or loyalty programs. Operators like to include such programs as a sort of an incentive for regular customers to show them that their loyalty is much appreciated.

Experienced players also enjoy big prize pool tournaments and high stakes poker rooms in general. The games on such sites are more competitive and more difficult, which is what seasoned players are after.

How We Came up With Our Selection

While we were looking into various online poker sites in the search for the best ones available, we looked into several important criteria. Keep on reading to learn more about what you should take into account before joining one of the online poker best sites.

Is the site licensed and regulated?

This is by far the most important thing you should take into account. There are many websites offering poker games, but not all of them are secure and reputable. In the UK, the Gambling Commission is the regulatory body issuing licences. If an operator applies for a licence and receives it, this only means that this brand has gone through a number of rigorous checks. As a result, the license states that it is legal and secure.

Are there bonuses for new and existing customers?

We have already discussed this briefly in terms of online poker best sites, but we’ll reiterate that. Welcome bonuses are an ideal starting point for new customers who meet the operator’s T&Cs and redeem them. Welcome offers typically contain a matched deposit bonus. This means that the amount you deposit is matched by the operator up to a certain extent (e.g., 100% up to £500).

Also, once you redeem your welcome bonus, you become an existing customer who is only eligible for promos other than that one. Having frequent promos for regular customers is a plus in our books.

Does this brand use quality poker software?

This is another important factor you should consider when joining one of online poker best sites. The reliability of the poker software is of paramount importance. Also, there are many poker clients that offer quality games but are somewhat outdated in terms of visuals. There are also those that are modern-looking and have some exclusive features that lots of players appreciate.

You should also look into whether these poker sites offer a solid mobile experience, too, especially if you like to play online poker on your mobile device. The majority of online poker best sites are mobile-friendly, which is extremely convenient. But having a dedicated poker app is what gets them two thumbs up from us.