Playing a card game such as poker can undoubtedly be both fun and exciting. And there is nothing wrong with engaging in this activity. As long as playing it does not affect a person’s everyday life and lead to changes in behaviour.

Lots of people like to play card games for entertainment purposes only. They do not have the tendency to develop a habit of playing card games. Also, they are not playing to try to come into “quick and easy” cash.

However, there are also those who can develop an addiction to the game. This is, of course, extremely unhealthy behaviour. It can have lots of negative consequences both on the players and those around them. This is why such behaviour is known as “problem gambling.”

For this reason, it’s of paramount importance that all those who are interested in participating in online card games are familiar with the concept of responsible gambling UK.

Responsible Gambling UK Principles

At the very root of responsible gambling UK lies identifying gambling addiction or problem gambling. Such behaviour is described as “an urge to gamble continuously despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop.” To put it in other words, gambling addiction is the behaviour that surpasses the concepts of participating in a fun activity for entertainment purposes only.

This is why all online operators should work on educating their players and empowering them through knowledge. They need to provide assistance to their players who are at potential risk of the negative consequences that gambling can have. This is why many of them have responsible gambling UK customer support teams to address any issues players might be having.

Protection of the Player

When you join an online operator, you should feel that you have entered a safe gaming environment. You should know that first and foremost, you need to be older than 18 to do so. All reputable brands should have appropriate mechanisms to exclude minors.

Also, all the players data, including personal info, banking details, etc., should be secure and confidential.

Protection of the Game

Another thing that brands can do on their part is to make sure that their products are the epitomes of responsible gambling UK. One way is to prevent players from accidentally placing their bets. The other is to make sure that the RNG software they use is licensed and certified.

How to Reduce the Risk of Problem Gambling?

There are quite a few ways you can reduce the risk of problem gambling if you feel that playing online card games has become more than an entertaining activity to you.

This form of gaming shouldn’t be seen as a way to earn money. Even though bets can start very low, there are many games that require you to make hefty deposits to join. You should set the limits you are comfortable with when it comes to deposits and stick with them. The majority of online brands offer you the option of setting your deposit limits per day, week, or month, which is very useful.

Chasing after losses is also a big no. This can potentially lead you to make even larger deposits that you could potentially lose, too. Additionally, you should never engage in online gaming when you are under the influence, or you are feeling down. Such conditions are not likely to help you make good decisions, both when it comes to betting, and in general.

You should also be aware that there are many myths surrounding gambling. One of them is that recognizing compulsive gaming is an easy task. However, this is not so. Some other types of addictive behaviour are not so difficult to spot. But problem gamblers sometimes don’t recognize they have the problem themselves and live in denial that this activity has no negative impact on their life.

There are many organizations dedicated to the prevention of gambling and providing assistance to those who feel they may be dealing with problematic gambling behaviour. Their contacts should also be included on the online operators’ websites for all those who might feel they need help.

What Is Self Exclusion?

Players who believe they are exhibiting problematic gambling behaviour can turn to self-exclusion. Here’s what this means.

You can ask your online operator to exclude you from playing with them for a specific time period. This can be anywhere between six months and a year, or up to a few years even. All UK operators need to provide this option to their players. Should a customer request self-inclusion, they have to refuse service and disable them to play during the specified time period.

What is also interesting about this scheme is that you can self-exclude either from one company that you have registered with or from several of them at the same time. You can find more info about this on

What Is Gambling Blocking Software?

Another option for reducing the risk of problem gambling is to install gamble blocking software. This is, in fact, a kind of a site blocker that prevents you from accessing gambling sites from your desktop computer or mobile device.

There are many such products available, and in addition to stopping you from visiting such websites, they also halt all gambling advertisements that might be coming your way.